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This Is How To Save THOUSANDS When Buying A Car From A Dealer

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This is how you can save thousands and get the best deal when buying a car from a dealer. Car expert explains how to factory order a new car in 2023 and negotiate the best price at the car dealership. We share everything you should know about buying a vehicle including the negotiation process, avoiding dealer fees and markups, getting the best price for your trade in car, car insurance, and more.

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With over a decade of experience as a professional car buyer and auto consultant, Shari Prymak has helped thousands of consumers with their car buying needs. Car Help Corner provides honest, objective, consumer advice with all aspects of car buying and car ownership. For more professional advice, check out Car Help Canada, become a member, and subscribe!

Pobrane z Youtube Naprawa Samochodów Powypadkowych Warszawa.Kupimy auta w każdym stanie – Skup Samochodów 24 h/7 dni, Bezpłatnie odbierzemy od Ciebie Auto, Załatwimy Wszystkie Formalności, Zadzwoń! Dojeżdżamy do klientów w promieniu całego województwa mazowieckiego. Dojazd do klienta. Pomoc w formalnościach. Skontaktuj się z nami. Skupujemy wszystkie auta. Skupujemy auta uszkodzona bez oc oraz badania technicznego, kasacja pojazdów. Najwyższe ceny, wstępna wycena przez telefon, płatność gotówką od ręki.

Posiadamy 10 mobilnych mechaników w Warszawie
+ Sieć Warsztatów Samochodowych

Mobilny Elektryk
+48 570 933 114 

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24 thoughts on “This Is How To Save THOUSANDS When Buying A Car From A Dealer

  1. I bought a new suburban LT for $5k less than msrp, as it is not sought after and the prices in my area seems to be going down….car market is leveling back

  2. Hi, can you make short video on how to factory order a car? I am looking for new hybrids which is hard to get, and the price premium is 4000-10000 here in illinois chicago, which is freaking crazy, can you please help me ? toyota rav xse hybrid – honda crv sport touring hybrid or hyundai tucson limited hybrid and almost all of them are charging a protection plan worth 1500-2500 which is mandatory 😓😓😓

  3. Can you talk about paying off the financed car early to avoid long term interest and what to look out for when doing this? Would it piss the dealer off? what specific terms to look for when signing the contract or maybe should I not tell the dealer until I take the ownership etc.

  4. I gotta be honest, this video definitely didn’t help with negotiating a car purchase. Nothing is new from his prior videos I’ve seen over the last couple years. Kind of bummed. I was hoping this video would have something new, isn’t it his job to negotiate deals??

  5. Make a video on the best sport sedans. Even though the car market might care more about SUVs there are still a massive amount of people who want sedans as their next car, especially the sport versions

  6. Consumers are still at a great disadvantage because of supply issues of certain models. Lots of Honda models are commanding $3K over MSRP here in my area. On the other hand, I found a local Acura dealer willing to sell me a new Integra at MSRP. All depends on the make/model and supply and demand.

  7. We went to British Columbia dealer, they have coming cancelled order for Toyota Corolla, and the dealer pushing 11% for interest rate, but in the website only 5.89%. But we deposit non refundable 1000k, please advise? Thank you

  8. Always ask for the out the door price. CarMax seems high for used vehicles until you factor in all of the crazy add ons. CarMax asks if you want an extended warranty, and do not pressure you if you say no. Their staff make an hourly wage, not more money if they screw you over.

  9. I need a handicap accessible van factory built new for my 14 year old granddaughter for her power chair I now have 2022 Nissan Rouge Platinum with less than 5,000 miles I would like to know my financial options with leasing or ownership please I need sound advice for this giant step in accommodating my granddaughter who has C/P KARI is the light of my life yes I have both sole legal and physical custody and I am her sole caregiver and I do the best 😅of my ability to advocate her needs welfare and her well-being with safety 🙏💝😇🦋💯

  10. I am watching these videos from Switzerland. Here the purchase of a car is much easier. The importer ( Toyota Switzerland, BMW Switzerland and so on) sets the prices and payment options.Its either cash or lease. Lease is restricted to max.4 years and the dealer have to run also, by law, a creditibility check in order to find out that you can finance a lease deal. Lease does not include maintenance and full coverage insurance Additionally the homepages
    of the car companies do show a configurator where you choose the size of engine, colours and so on. You can print it out and visit the car dealer and he will place a factory order. Car dealers do show finance options for secondhand cars only to the max of 36 months. But such a option is expensive.

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