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The REM is Coming And It's A Game Changer for Montreal

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The Réseau express métropolitain (REM) is a new light metro network for the Greater Montreal Area, planned to open in phases between 2023 and 2025. At 67km in length, it will double the length of Montreal’s rapid transit network and provide previously underserved areas of the city with rapid and frequent all-day service. The largest transit expansion in Canadian history, the REM is expected to completely alter the way Montrealers move around the city, and with future extensions already in the planning stages, is shaping up to be North America’s most impressive 21st-century transit network.

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00:00 The Montreal Metro
01:28 What is the REM?
05:27 The Caisse and its funding model
10:09 What makes the REM a game changer?
12:34 The stations/platform screen doors
13:05 The trains
14:24 High frequency service
15:46 Construction progress
16:46 Opening schedule
17:46 Connectivity with Metro (Gare Centrale & McGill)
19:55 Constructing the deepest station in Canada (Edouard-Montpetit)
22:46 Airport station
23:16 Expansion plans
27:01 It’s hard not to be excited

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Posiadamy 10 mobilnych mechaników w Warszawie
+ Sieć Warsztatów Samochodowych

Mobilny Elektryk
+48 570 933 114 

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Mobilny Mechanik Warszawa

34 thoughts on “The REM is Coming And It's A Game Changer for Montreal

  1. Canada debe tener el mismo presupuesto anual por avitante que puerto rrico y varios estados de usa y de la union europea que es de docientos mil dolares anuales.

    Para obras y programas publicos y modernisar a canada y las decadas que le deba la union europea de presupuesto a canada se las deben dar. YA.

  2. Canada como colonia de la union europea debe tener presupuesto ilimitado para obras publicas y sociales y para programas sociales .

    Ya que es cien cincuenta por ciento mas geande que la union europea.

    Y deberia tener el mismo presupuesto que italia españa portugal y grecia y zuisa guntos.
    O sea como ocho millones de millones de dolares o euros al año.
    Y en los veite años de estar con la union europea deberia aber tenido
    Un presupuesto de cien secenta millones de millones de dolares canadienses.

    Para aser vias del tren vala por todo canada y tener subcidios en los travajos desde asta el cesenta y ocho por ciento.

    Y aser ciudades super modernas y seguras.
    Con espacios de mil qinientos metros por casa asta varias ectareas por casa.
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  3. That's great for Montreal !
    Although I'm a bit worried two-car trains might fast become a serious limitation. A well thought and needed system always rockets well over its forecasted numbers…
    That's really a shame that those pesky NIMBYs are complaining even before seeing the first REM in day to day operations… Anyway, there's no point searching for logic in irrational reactions.
    But there should be a way to block people from opposing projects meant for the greater good when they lack sufficient argumentation and reasoning.
    Seeing how the guys talking in the video react, they would completely loose it seeing what Paris is currently building…

    Happy to see there's a new transit-apalooza in the world right now !

  4. Just to add more comments about the REM de l'est : It was not 100% cancelled by NIMBYs, but it was also the fact that the governement and city mayor Valérie Plante didn't approved the downtown portion of the rail which was gonna cost millions of dollars. Also, the green Métro line is already doing its job in these neighbourhoods further to the east.

    The new alternate route is way way more efficient and will serve also the neighbourhood around Promenade masson who has no access to any Métro station. Also, the neighbourhood that needs most of the transit system is located on the northeast part of the island, not southeast.

  5. This thing needs to run 24 hours. The biggest problem with the EXO is the ridiculously bad running hours. You can't rely on it for a night out or anything outside of rush hours. Here you mentioned that it will be running 20 hours a day. Not only it's not enough but if they do with the EXO, with 2-3 hours gaps in between trips, people will not adopt it and will keep using cars.

  6. Funny how nobody talks about how the REM network is a MAJOR eyesor on lots of elevaded sections. Have you seen the REM in the West Island or sections near Henri-Bourassa? Simply horrible.

  7. Montreal is one of my favourite cities to visit. Coming from Vancouver, it's hard to imagine getting around without Skytrain/Canada Line systems in place. What's not to like about a system that is fully scalable to the volume of traffic as required. Most new housing development happens around the stations. A two hour drive into town turned into a 20 minute train ride. Montreal will be quite pleased with the system once it is all up and running. I look forward to the day where I can visit other areas of Montreal, further out than where the Metro system currently serves.

  8. As a light railway with heavy rail characteristics the REM literally blows every subway and trolley line in Boston out of the water! The Caisse should confer with the MBTA to automate the existing lines (save the non-grade-separated surface lines) and free up the Boston Carmen's Union to operate more surface trolleys and additional busses.

  9. Having lived in Montreal for 2 months I got a taste of the amazing Metro system. Coming from Toronto I can confidently say it blows the Toronto Subway out of the water. By far! The REM project is truly revolutionary and I can’t wait to see it in the future!

  10. Biggest problem for the REM are the stations locations are mostly useless. It might be useful to get to the airport faster for some people, but otherwise just is not going to serve that many daily riders and in some branches very few per hour. It is a money pit to have keep it up manitance, as weather will take hold faster in the rust belt.

  11. 27:35 Nope I think this is not the furture and is going to look pretty old compared to say a drone public service or hyperloop in 25 years. We are only usibg old technologies diffrently and not embrassing the true futurewe could have because we play it safe for the investors. Thus slowing advancments!

  12. 24:21 East will have so many hang ups. The elevated sections though downtown are gross and hist horrible. All the matterials used are so cheap maybe 25 to 30 years of life in this environment. The Edward Mont-Petite has no park and ride space. Whole this is rushed and poorly exicuted. Some stations will be very light traffic use like at Canora, others will be too tight like at McGill.

  13. 10:00 banrupts the pension fund. It also hides other pension fund losss. And no lossing money is not allowed it is not a public purse it is to serve many people who will need it to live. Pension drys up then expect a major kill off of senors, who in 21 years will be me. It is not an oh well it served the public, that is was taxes are for.

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